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Thu, 01/04/2018 - 11:53

Hi everyone. Lurker here. I’m very grateful for the information on this site. I have a question. I was diagnosed in late 2015 with Stage 4 NSCLC due to malignant pleural effusion for which I had talc pleurodesis. I have Exon 21 mutation, was on Tarceva for 10 months, then Afatinib for 12 months. My disease is still confined to my right lung with one small mass in lower right lobe and several small areas Iin the pleural lining. My oncologist is letting me try Tagrisso even though biopsy did not show T790 mutation. First flollow up CT scan was inconclusive so we are doing repeat scan in about a month.

What are my options if scan shows minor progression ? I currently have no symptoms and minor side effects from Tagrisso. Are there any combination therapies which include continued use of a TKI or is chemo the next step? Is TKI plus chemo an option?

My oncologist prefers Cisplatin over Carboplatin. Is there an advantage with Cisplatin? I have read that it is much harsher than Carboplatin. I see my oncologist next week and would like to be more informed before I have a discussion with him. Thanks. <span style="text-align:justify;">

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