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Xalkori- fatigue - 1251967

I have been on Xalkori for 30 days and fortunately my only side effect has been fatigue. I am considering ways to reduce the fatigue and was thinking of taking ginseng, which supposedly is helpful. However, I want to be sure that ginseng would not interfere with Xalkori. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi tjames, Welcome to Grace (If your not new here I haven't said hi). I'm glad you're here to learn more about your treatment. We have a growing group of people who are on xalkori and have started a user group thread. They are an active, knowledgeable and help lot. I've posted a link to the thread below and hope you join their numbers. As I'm sure you know your doctor is the safest resource.
Too I've posted a link to xalkori's patient resource page.

Again welcome and I hope you have a good long run on this treatment,
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Hi tjames. I've only been on Xalkori for a week, and I find I am very sleepy. None of my other meds are new, so I guess it's the culprit. I hope we both perk up soon, and how wonderful that fatigue is your only symptom. I don't know about taking ginseng. Post the question on the board that Janine provided a link to. Maybe Craig will have some wise words to share with us. Good Luck, and welcome!

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XALKORI (crizotinib) is a drug that has only been commercially available for a year and was approved after just a few years of clinical testing. It hasn't been studied for interactions with every conceivable substance a person would ingest; I'm nearly certain that there's no evidence to speak to your question. So while there's likely no way to be sure ginseng wouldn't interfere with XALKORI, I'm pretty certain that there's no good reason to suspect there would be a problem.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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Thank you, Dr. West, and others for your input, which is very much appreciated. If I give ginseng a try, I will let you know how it works out.

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Let us know if it helps with the fatigue! Thanks!