Lung Cancer Highlights, 2011 by Dr. Weiss, Part 2: ALK and other New Molecular Targets

H. Jack West, MD, Founder, President and CEO

Here is the second part of the presentation on "Lung Cancer Highlights, 2011" by Dr. Jared Weiss.  This section of his talk focuses on the striking story of the identification of the ALK rearrangement as a relevant target in lung cancer, along with an impressive treatment for this subgroup, and other new targets, such as ROS-1.  

Below you'll find the audio and video versions of the podcast, as well as the transcript and figures.

Dr. Weiss Lung Cancer Highlights 2011, Pt 2 ALK and New Molecular Targets Audio Podcast

Dr. Weiss Lung Cancer  Highlights 2011, Pt 2 ALK and New Molecular Targets Transcript

Dr. Weiss Lung Cancer Highlights 2011 Pt 2 ALK and New Molecular Targets Figs

The third and final part of Dr. Weiss's presentation will focus on advances for broader populations: smokers and the elderly.  He'll cover the lung cancer screening trial known as the NLST, as well as an influential presentation of single agent vs. doublet chemotherapy in elderly patients with advanced NSCLC.  Look for that here very soon.

Thanks again to LUNGevity Foundation for their sponsorship of this work with us, making this content possible.

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Stage 4 ROS1+ [mucinous BAC] adenocarcinoma NSCLC since 2011
Xalkori (crizotinib) 5 yrs
Alimta (pemetrexed) + carboplatin (mere months)
TPX-0005 (repotrectinib) TBD (1+ years as of Fall 2018)


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