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Denise Brock

Denise has over 30 years of varying experience in and out of the healthcare arena.  In August 2009 she joined The Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education as one of its first employees.  She has grown with the organization and now oversees the operational movement of programs, efficiency, and effectiveness within the organization, as well as the daily processes and functions.  


Patient Perspectives: Clinical Trials Experiences Through Storytelling
Thu, 03/11/2021 - 00:00
Patient Perspectives: Clinical Trials Experiences Through Storytelling - An Invitation to Apply
Denise Brock
We are very excited to launch a new program for GRACE

Patient Perspectives: Clinical Trials Experiences Through Storytelling

**Please Note -- We have extended the deadline for applications to Friday, March 19, 2021.  Don't delay!!  fill out the application today! 


We are inviting all cancer patients with experience in clinical trials (no matter how large or small) to join us in this new program giving voice to the clinical trials experience.  

Through storytelling and sharing their experience, patients can educate others who are considering a clinical trial about this part of the cancer journey.  All cancer patients currently enrolled in or with past enrollment in a clinical trial are welcomed and encouraged to apply.  

Patients selected to participate in this year's program will work closely with GRACE to develop new educational content for patients across a range of platforms that will help them to become established contributors in the area of advocacy.  Participants will receive training on digitally distributed content and social media, and their work will be highlighted and shared by GRACE, along with its network of established leaders in the oncology community and board members with an array of interests and connections.  Participants will receive a stipend, training in communication and media platforms, and a tech 'package'.  Participants will work with GRACE to develop program formats and production and will present a proposal based on their area of experience in a clinical trial program.  


For more information, please take a look at and complete our online Program Form and Application, or download the .pdf version available above, which can be emailed as an attachment to  If you have questions please contact Denise Brock, Operations Director for GRACE at



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