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We are pleased to introduce three amazing clinical trial participants working with GRACE to produce educational content through storytelling!
Denise Brock, Operations Director
GRACE is pleased to announce the acceptance of three amazing individuals into the inaugural year of the GRACE Clinical Trials Experiences through Storytelling Program for the 2021-2022 Program Year!

We had an overwhelming response to our call for clinical trial participants who would be interested in creating educational content for others by sharing their experiences!

We are very excited to launch this new program and introduce our participants, whose backgrounds and experiences cross multiple cancer types and a variety of clinical trials.  Our participants will work closely with GRACE to develop new content across a range of platforms that will help them to become established contributors, and reveal their very human experiences in impactful, educational content.  We are excited to unravel these stories and to be able to help others going through similar journeys.


2021 Clinical Trials Experiences through Storytelling Program Participants

Melinda Bachinimelinda Bachini

Melinda is an 11-year survivor of stage iV cholangiocarcinoma.  2 years after her diagnosis she was treated at the National Cancer Institute by Dr. Rosenberg with a clinical trial using Adoptive Cell Therapy with TIL.  She shares her story in hopes of giving courage to others in need.


Linnea OlsonLinnea Olson

Linnea is well known in the Lung Cancer community, having just started her 6th clinical trial.  In 2008 she enrolled in a successful phase 1 clinical trial.  She describes her journey as both "my privilege and my burden".  Her desire is to use her knowledge to help make the trial experience better by discussing what she views to be barriers to participation.


Jared BigmanJared Bigman

Jared was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in college.  In the span of nine years, Jared has had more than six recurrences and participated in four clinical trials.  By sharing his story he hopes that more young adult cancer survivors will have resources available to help them.




Congratulations Melinda, Linnea, and Jared!  We are excited to work together! 


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