Podcast by Dr. Camidge on ALK Rearrangements and a New Era of Molecular Oncology


Last week, Dr. Ross Camidge from the University of Colorado joined me on a webinar entitled "One Size Does Not Fit All" in which he discussed the early work on ALK rearrangements and the novel agent PF-02341066 (now known as crizotinib) in particular, and the new era of molecularly defined practice of oncology in particular. This story has been widely considered to be among the most important in the field of lung cancer over the last few years, and Dr. Camidge did not disappoint.

Dr. Pennell on Emerging Molecular Markers in NSCLC Management: Podcast Now Available


We know that many people interested in the topics we discuss in our webinars may not be able to attend the live programs, but we're committed to offering our content to people as easily as possible. Accordingly, here is the podcast version of Dr. Pennell's very well received presentation on a range of molecular markers currently being used and others emerging in clinical trials as potential tools for the coming years.

Below you'll find the audio versions of the presentation.


Like Gleevec for Lung Cancer: A Novel Treatment for EML4-ALK Lung Cancer


Everyone is now familiar with the success stories of targeted agents in cancer therapy. A new promising targeted agent is Pfizer drug PF02341066, the story of which may be more analogous to the development of Gleevec (imatinib)or Herceptin (trastuzumab) than to Tarceva Tarceva. Both of the former drugs were tested in selected patients, with the idea that we knew which patients were likely to benefit.