The Personalized Therapies in Lung Cancer Conference: Part 2


After a full morning, this conference has a nice feature during the lunch break of having the faculty all sit at separate tables so that attendees can ask questions of them. It’s nice to break through the silos that typically have the faculty sit and talk together, which may create a barrier to having these important conversations between the meeting attendees and the few on the faculty.

Lucanix: A Vaccine Being Tested as a "Maintenance" Strategy in Advanced NSCLC


Over the past several weeks, coincident with the opening of a new large clinical trial and some publicity associated with that, several people have asked me here about a lung cancer vaccine called Lucanix (full name belagenpumatucel-L, so a near guarantee that nobody will call this anything but Lucanix). My initial response was that I knew essentially nothing about it and more or less implied that there must not be much to it if there was really no buzz about it within the lung cancer community.

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