Provocative Results for Immunotherapy in Advanced NSCLC: Dr. Joel Neal on Anti-PD-1

H. Jack West, MD, Founder, President and CEO

Continuing with our post-ASCO highlights presentation, we now turn to Dr. Joel Neal, Assistant Professor at Stanford Cancer Center, who covered several targeted therapy options that are still working their way through investigational work.  There were several promising agents reported as potential treatments for lung cancer, but perhaps none was more exciting than anti-PD-1 immunotherapy that was described by Dr. Julie Brahmer in a podcast from a few months ago.  She actually led and presented the work on anti-PD-1 in lung cancer at ASCO, but she wasn't able to share her exciting early results prior to ASCO.  Dr. Neal provides both some background and a summary of the results that were so encouraging to the lung cancer community.

Below you'll find the video and audio versions of the podcast, along with the transcript and figures.

Dr. Neal ASCO 2012 LC Highlights Anti-PD-1 Audio Podcast 

Dr. Neal ASCO 2012 LC Highlights Anti-PD-1 Figs

Dr. Neal ASCO 2012 LC Highlights Anti-PD-1 Transcript

So how encouraged are you by these results?  

We'll continue with other novel therapies presented at ASCO 2012 and summarized by Dr. Neal in our next podcast.  

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