Hi Grace Members

Thu, 09/06/2018 - 11:33

We are here and the team is working to get everything in order, including the forums. Thanks for your patience, it's going to be awesome!

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<p>May I add (Denise Brock, Operations Director, here) that if there is a thread that is not showing in these forums, PLEASE notify us and I can pull it up and post it.&nbsp; All of this is manual work but I am very very happy to find the thread and post the conversation.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Issues that I am working on -- just fyi&nbsp;--&nbsp;</p><ul><li>getting to your dashboard</li><li>logging out&nbsp;</li><li>PM and finding your PM</li><li>adding a signature</li><li>adding a picture/icon</li></ul><p>Please let us know if there are more things you find -- it is an ongoing project!&nbsp; But know that NOTHING is lost.&nbsp; We will be able to access everything.&nbsp;</p>

JanineT Forum …

Hi Grace members. I wanted to give you an update. Denise is working overtime getting everything straightened out. I think you'd agree the site looks awesome and sleek. The best thing is it is now stable and we'll soon have all the functionality we've wanted.

We haven't lost a thing. All our old threads still exist and we'll have access to them soon.

If anyone is looking for an old thread PLEASE tell me and Denise will pull it out and post it for you so the conversation can continue. You should be able to post, but it appears that the setting is showing HTML tags for users in the text, again, Denise is on it.

I'm excited to see the end product but in the meantime look around. All or at least most of the articles and videos are available. If you're not able to find something the old method of using google search may need to suffice until all the functions are up and running. To use google as the search, type, "site:cancergrace.org search term" the only space is between .org and the search term or phrase.

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<p>Hoping I will be able to find old threads, as I had saved them, and now they do not work anymore. Best of luck to y&#39;all working on this!</p><p>Thanks!</p>


<p>Dear Admin - the new site looks amazing...&nbsp; a quick question.&nbsp; I presume the earlier thread / messages linked to my profile will also get carried over?&nbsp; Please confirm...</p><p>Thanks much / DJ</p>

JanineT Forum …

Hi Katmar, the old threads will be available at some point in the near future. As you can see there are still functionalities that need to be addressed and I believe that's the focus right now. However if there is a specific thread you'd like Denise to bring over in the meantime we'd need a title or original author and date so she can find it. I'm sorry for the delay, the move needed to be made even though the site may not have been completely functional.


JanineT Forum …

Hi nikkam, I agree the site looks really good. I believe you'll need to create a new profile when that becomes functional your saves won't automatically be brought over. I understand, a few weeks ago I accidentally deleted my bookmark folder holding all of my threads saved over the last 7 years. While that was my fault (literally a slip of the finger) and your saved info is a function of moving to a different platform that moment of loss is real and I'm sorry for that. And Denise very well may be able to save your saves. Everything still exists. I'll ask about that. On a positive note I just found that you can leave this page, come back to it and the draft of this comment still existed. That wasn't so using chrome in the old site which often caused me to lose my work.