About four months ago I started having pain in my neck shoulder and upper arm on the left side. Had a cervical, shoulder and upper arm MRI which showed bulging desk on the right at C7. My pain has not been constant until today. Now my collarbone, shoulder and arm hurt. Only my collarbone is Hurting without relief. I’m wondering if this can be Pancoast tumor

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Hi Cenicna,

Welcome to GRACE. Pancoast tumors, though not rare, are uncommon and would certainly not be high on the list of possible diagnoses for the pain you are experiencing, and even less likely if you are relatively young. If, in addition to the MRIs, you have had a chest CT which did not reveal such a tumor, then it is essentially certain that you do not have a pancoast tumor. I would encourage further follow-up with your doctors, including an orthopedic specialist.

I hope you can discover the cause of your symptoms and receive treatment to relieve them.

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Hi just a quick question. I had a non contrast chest CT for shoulder pain etc. would non contrast Ct show this type of tumor?  My Dad passed at 41 to lung cancer...I'm very nervous