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I am emailing in regards to my father - he is 60 years old . Three weeks ago he started to pass blood in his urine - very visible and clotting and went to the local GP that sent him straight for blood tests. When the blood tests came back he got an urgent referral to a urologit )and he was admitted straight away. He had a cystoscopy and a polyp was removed ( that had already been seen on CT scan). We were told 4/5 times the cancer is non invasive and he felt like he had got the tumour out. Because of the position of the tumour, his kidney was not working properly and a stent was inserted. However unfortunately yesterday we received very devastating news. Although the biopsy came back as one of the 4/5 , a more up to date CT scan revealed a thickening of the bladder that he felt was suspicious. Also because of the position of the tumour which was very close to the opening of the urether or possibly in the top of it connecting to the bladder , they decided to treat it as the 1/5 case scenario . He said it had gone into the lining although I did not hear him say muscle which I know is then classed as invasive. We didn't ask about stages as my Dad would just not be able for that .. before this my dad never had even had a blood test before We reckon ourselves from reading it seems to be about stage 2 although you may know more.
He was then told he will need 4 months of chemo , we have not met the oncologist so I am not sure how this will be given , noone in my family has ever had cancer so we do not know what to expect at all.
Following this the worst news was probably the fact that he will need his kidney removed as of the location of the tumour the further will have to be removed and obviously meaning no point of the kidney. He also will have part of his bladderl removed , they didn't rule out taking his full bladder though. We were wondering the rarity of this scenario and any or if you could even explain any more or similar stories



Hi rebeccamb,

Welcome to Grace. I'm very sorry your father is going through this. I imagine you've seen this but just in case here is a link to a short video on bladder cancer staging and treatments,

I will ask our faculty to respond so we can make sure your questions can be answered as well as possible. You should hear back within the next day. If not don't hesitate to bump this thread as a reminder.

We don't have much info on this type of cancer, but we have basic cancer info here, and sites such as the ACS, will be of great benefit.

Please let us know if we can help along the way.
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