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Amy brings more than two decades of experience in for-profit and nonprofit business management and ownership. In December 2017, she joined The Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education as its Executive Director. She directs its growth in revenue, outreach, partnership and programs.

2020 Patient Education Ambassador Program, A Unique Opportunity for Oncology Fellows to Become Featured Contributors of Critical Content
Mon, 03/16/2020 - 11:19
GRACE is accepting applications for the 2020 Patient Education Ambassador Program.
Amy Bickleman
The second annual GRACE Patient Education Ambassador Program provides another unique opportunity for a select number of oncology fellows to serve as featured contributors of educational content on our website.  

GRACE Patient Education Ambassador Program Overview

This nomination-only program is open to all oncology fellows and finishing-fellows. GRACE’s designated committee will review the nominees and select up to 4 participants for the honor of  participating in the 2020 program. Nominees for this program will include those still in fellowship and embarking on their post-fellowship junior faculty or practice opportunities; however, it is required that they are still a fellow at the time of the deadline,  March 31, 2020.


Benefits of Participation

Selected fellows will work closely with national and international leaders in various fields of oncology to develop new educational content for patients across a range of platforms that will help them become established emerging contributors in their fields of interest. They will receive training on digitally distributed content and social media, and their work will be highlighted and shared by the internationally recognized non-profit GRACE, along with its network of established leaders in the oncology community and board members with an array of interests and connections. Participants will receive a stipend which will include paid training in doctor-to-patient/family and broader communication in the field.

2019 was our pilot year for this program, with great success, generating patient education content in the areas of Supportive Care and Latino Community Cancer Education, reaching thousands of cancer patients and caregivers.  The participants in the 2019 program were:

Dr. Arjun Gupta, Oncology Fellow, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • “I am incredibly grateful to the GRACE Patient Education Ambassadors Program. I had the full liberty (and support) to direct a ‘Supportive care patient education series’- these topics often do not receive the required attention in more traditional publications. I had the opportunity to record content with thought leaders in the field, and they have since remotely mentored me on various research projects. Directing this series cemented my interest in supportive care/ symptom management as I start to apply for grant funding and transition to a new faculty role in the next couple of years. Most importantly, the team at GRACE is happy, and passionate about patient education, and I thoroughly enjoyed the friendships this past year. I would recommend this program to all early career oncology professionals.”

Dr. Narjust Duma, Assistant Professor and Thoracic Oncologist, University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center

  • “The GRACE ambassador program was one of my favorite experiences during training and my first months as faculty. The program gave me the opportunity to learn from patient education experts like Dr. Jack West, create content for patients with cancer in Spanish, and learn about all the aspects of a nonprofit organization like GRACE.”


Ideal Candidates

We are looking for oncology fellows and finishing fellows with a particular interest and passion for communications, patient education, and for those who are simply looking for a way to give back to the oncology community.  Ideal candidates should have strong written and oral communication skills as well as a proven ability to stay abreast of the latest advances in cancer medicine.

All application forms must be submitted by March 31, 2020 for consideration.  Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee selection into the program as the number of slots for this year will be contingent on grantor funding. Applicants will be contacted by April 15 with information regarding acceptance and the next steps.

To nominate a Fellow or download a pdf of the application, please download the GRACE Patient Education Ambassador Nomination Form, above.  
If you are a Fellow and would like to apply directly, please click here to access our online application.
All applications and forms are due by March 31, 2020.

Any questions, please contact or 888-501-1025 x 1.
Emailed nomination forms should be sent to:

or by mail to:


Attn: Amy Bickleman

4616 25th Ave N# #300

Seattle, WA 98105


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