GRACE & Living Yoga Therapy Present: Living Through Cancer and Managing Anger

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Raquel Jex Forsgren, Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT

GRACE is excited to bring to you more in our new series on surviving with cancer

GRACE is excited to bring to you more in our series on surviving with cancer.  Our friend and partner, Raquel Jex Forsgren is the founder of Living Yoga Therapy based in Chicago and is a certified oncology yoga therapist and resiliency coach.  She brings us tips and techniques for those dealing with cancer.  

In this partnership, Raquel is providing GRACE with helpful videos targeted specifically for the Lung Cancer community.  These free resources are available through GRACE for those living with lung cancer and for caregivers as well.  

Raquel recommends this 23-minute video created to help you manage and process the emotion of anger that is often associated with a diagnosis of cancer, going through treatment and feeling the side effects.  It can be done at diagnosis, during treatment, and at recovery.  This video has movement, breathing, and a guided meditation to help you. 

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