Maintenance Therapy in NSCLC Program by Dr. Mark Socinski, now available as Podcast

H. Jack West, MD, Founder, President and CEO

I'm very pleased to offer the podcast materials for the recent webinar by Dr. Mark Socinski, medical oncologist and leader of the excellent Thoracic Oncology Program at the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill. He's been a long-time leader of the entire field of lung cancer for many years, and he's among the best at synthesizing new information into a cogent perspective.

Here is the audio and video versions of the podcast, along with the figures and transcript that go with the program.





The question and answer session will follow as a separate podcast.

Finally, I'll mention that this webinar and podcast was made possible through an educational grant from Lilly Oncology, who had no input in the development of its content. We thank them for their support.



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