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Dr. Jack West is a medical oncologist and thoracic oncology specialist, and Executive Director of Employer Services at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, CA.

Molecular Markers in Lung Cancer: Dr. Charlie Rudin on the Lung Cancer Mutation Consortium
Tue, 04/10/2012 - 07:47
Howard (Jack) West, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Medical Oncology, Executive Director, Employer Services, Founder, President and CEO of GRACE

This is the first of a series of podcasts from the two hour special webinar we did in partnership with the LUNGevity Foundation at the Santa Monica "Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer" meeting several weeks ago.  There, I was privileged to be joined by four excellent guest faculty members -- Dr. Charles Rudin from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Dr. Alice Shaw from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Dr. David Spigel from Sarah Cannon Cancer Center in Nashville, and Dr. Glen Goss from the University of Ottawa.  They each brought their rich experience and some differing perspectives on the complex and evolving topic of how to apply new work on molecular markers in lung cancer to clinical practice.

Below you'll find links to the audio and video versions of the podcast, along with the transcript and figures.


Molecular Markers SM Pt 1 Rudin on LCMC Audio Podcast

Molecular Markers SM Pt 1 Rudin on LCMC Transcript

Molecular Markers SM Pt 1 Rudin on LCMC Figures

This program also includes additional discussion before and after his presentation, as the webinar featured both presentations by the guest faculty and a panel discussion about the most timely questions in the field.  It was a lot of fun for me and our panel, and I hope you find it both interesting and educational.

The next part will be Dr. Shaw speaking on their experience of broadly molecularly profiling their patients at Massachusetts General Hospital for markers and what they've learned from that work.

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