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Treating EGFR Patients After Tarceva Stops Working
Mon, 05/19/2014 - 06:00
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Tarceva (erlotinib) has greatly helped EGFR positive lung cancer patients, but eventually it stops working. Dr. Jonathan Goldman of UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center talks about the next generation EGFR inhibitors that may soon become available. February 2014.


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Hi Michel, Welcome to Grace though I'm very sorry you are here.

Blood/liquid biopsies can detect cancer cells but usually only if there are a lot of cancer cells circulating. So...

Hi rednancys,

Welcome to Grace. First congrats on being well 20 years out from breast cancer, chemo, and radiation. My niece is just on the other side of the same plus...

Thank you Janine for your prompt reply. So glad to hear your your husband has recovered that gives me hope. I am having my mri on Thursday. Will update you. So...

Hi Carole, Welcome to Grace. If the adrenal is the only place that cancer has been seen since your lobectomy it could be that it's what's known as a precocious metastasis/oligoprogression...


These approaches haven't been directly compared, and it really depends on who can do the job and what they say is appropriate to expect in terms of side effects. In...

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