Our Supporters 2017

PLATINUM ($10,000 and above)

Alec and Maddy Brindle


SILVER ($1,000 – $4,999)


Gerald and Janet Freeman Daily    

Katie Darius    

Carol Gutman    

Elizabeth Haigis    

Joan Hanson     -Thanks for your great work Dr. West & Team!

Ken Hill    

Susan Kellner     -Thank you for all you do!!

Dan Laubhan     -Gift made in memory of Maria Martha Perez Laubhan

Jennifer Lee     -In memory of my mommy and my grandma Po-Po

Benjamin Levy     -Keep doing what yur doin`

James Snyder    

Howard and Bernadine West    


BRONZE (up to $999)


Eric Alexander     -Thank you, Dr. West! You`re the best!

Stefanie Bartle    

Gregg Baumbaugh 

Kurt Beattie    

Hossein Borghaei     -Keep up the effort.

Alla Borik     -Thank you for providing lung CA patients- doctors conferences

Robert Bosserman    

Jack Callahan     -Grace is an exceptionally useful resource for patients.  Thank you for all the work you do for patients.

Joyce Chan    

Karin Chan     -Thank you for all you do for patients in providing valuable resources and education!

Lonnie Chidester     -In Memory of Myrtle Chidester

Donna Chinn     -Thank you for all you do for us!

Sally Church   

Gary Clucas     -In memory of Valerie Walton Clucas and Donald L Clucas

Laya Dogmetchi    

Nagmeh Dorrani    

Joan Falender    

Kiri Fatania-Morley    

Ryanne Flattery    

J Roland Fleck     -In memory of my loving wife Dorothy T. Fleck who died from lung cancer on October 3, 2012. She will be in my heart forever.

Mark Forder    

Myriam Fortin     -Dear Dr West & colleagues, thank you for creating and maintaining GRACE.  The information and support provided on the site were invaluable to me and my sister.  Hope you are doing well, Myriam

Robert Frasca    

John and Patsy Gaunt    

Art Godi    

Gale Gordon     -Thank you Grace and Dr West for all you do for us.

David Gray    

John Gregory    

Morton Grosz    

Colleen Hart-Carbone     -God bless Dr. West.  The only doctor that gave me hope in 2006!

Molly Hill    

Kathleen Houlihan     -Thanks for all you do!

George and Jackie Johnson    

Desiree Johnson     -RIP Andy Hill - you`ll be in our hearts and minds forever!

Nancy Junes     -Keep up the good work!

Sheila Lang    

Carole Larson    

Albert LI    

John Liddicoat    

Donald Lie    

Judith Likkel    

Krastio Lilov     -Thank you for your great work! The patient education you provide was invaluable during our family`s struggle with lung cancer.

Reza and Alison Madany    

Lois Maltese    

Mary Baker Maybee    

Lorraine McLean    

Marsha Merz    

Jennifer Mitchell    

James Mortimer    

Ross and Arlene Moskowitz     -In honor of 70th birthday of Sheila Weiss

Jane Nicholson    

Elizabeth Norton    

Luna Okada    

Samuel S. and Michele Osborne    

Frederic Palmer    

Elizabeth Parker  

Stephanie Patterson    

Tram Mimi Phan     -Thank you for providing accurate and helpful information on lung cancer.

Judy Pollner    

Jennifer Ring-Perez    

Marc Robbins    

Barbara Saito    

Theodore Sakai    

Deborah Santor    

Steven Schafer     -I greatly appreciate the information and conferences that GRACE provides.  Since my wife`s diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer two and a half years ago, GRACE has been an invaluable resource.

Joseph Schneider    

Fern Schwaber    

Janet Seaman    

Jerry Shih     -Thank you for doing what you guys do!

Julie Silberger    

Lucas Silva    

Julianne Simon    

Nancy Sladicka    

Robin Steinmetz    

Alisa Stephens    

Nancy J. Stewart    

Lael Stone    

Matthew Tan     -for everything GRACE has done for me, my mom, my family and anyone out there who was in the same situation as us.

Eric Vallieres    

Frances Walters     -God speed!

Wei Wang     -In loving memory of Bailong Wang

Jared and Sara Weiss    

Harvey J. and Carol West    

Gina and Rich Wiebe    

Ken and Jessica Wiederhorn    

Helen Wilson     -I wish your fund-raising is a smash success!  Your work is too important for a benefactor not to contribute

Dennis and Wendy Young    

Ruth Zimmers

Individual Fundraisers and Foundations


Barb's Beer

State of Washington Combined Fund Drive





Corporate Supporters



AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

Boehringer Ingelheim USA Corporation

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Celgene Corporation

EMD Serono, Inc.


Guardant Health






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