Our Supporters 2014


Platinum Level ($10,000 and higher)

Mr. Daniel Elkes – Funds received as startup for pancreatic cancer vertical
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. and Molly Melville Hill
Ms. M. Ricks


Gold Level ($5,000 – $9,999)

Ms. Diane Johnson


Silver Level ($1,000 – $4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Alec and Maddy Connolly Brindle
Mrs. Elizabeth Haigis – In memory of Barry Haigis, passed Nov 2014. after 11 years stage 4
Ms. Joan B. Hanson
Mr. Kenneth Hill
Mr. Ben Holzemer
Ms. Jennifer Lee – In memory of my mother and grandmother
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Sharon Mantei – In memory of Judy Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Dorothy Sheehan – In memory of Judy Hill
Mr. James Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Jack and Bernadine West


Bronze Level (Up to $999)

Ms. Jo Adams -Tillery – In Memory of Irving Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Sumi Almquist
Ms. Barbara Anspaugh
Ms. Lynne M. Baker
Ms. Carole Baker – Connecting with others and keeping up with research on GRACE helped feel less alone and inspired to keep fighting through tough clinical trials and treatments. We benefited from attending GRACE Acquired Resistance forum, met other patients and caregivers, learned from top researchers in country, and having easy access to discuss questions with them. From Carole Baker and David Solis-Cohen
Mr. James Bao
Mr. and Mrs. William and Jane Bauer
Mr. Kurt Beattie
Mr. Ornah Becker – Thank you to Jack West; Jared Weiss; and the GRACE faculty for all the fabulous work you do educating and empowering patients
Ms. Joanna Berg – In Memory of Irving Louis Berg with good thoughts: Joanna Berg, Dan, Jason, and Alex Finkelstein
Dr. Elizabeth Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Marge Boothe – In memory of Judith Ann (Smith) Hill
Dr. Elizabeth Borel – In honor of all cancer patients and all of their dedicated physicians including Dr. West
Ms. Sondra Brasher
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Connie Brock – In memory & in honor of our family and friends who have been touched by cancer; and in appreciation for the work Denise Brock does for this organization
Mr. Jason Brodsky
Mr. James Cassidy – For a wonderful person Judith Ann (Smith) Hill
Ms. Donna Cassidy – For my sister, Judy Hill, this is in her memory
Mrs. Joyce Chan
Mr. Huiyuan Chen
Mr. Lyle Chichester – Thank you for sponsoring Acquired Resistance in Lung Cancer Patient Forum
Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Evelyn Chin – Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Our thoughts are with you. Sincerely, Phil and Evelyn Chin (Cindy`s parents)
Mr. Gary Clucas – In memory of Valerie Clucas; Donald Clucas and Marie Walton
Ms. Charlotte Cole
Ms. Nancy Corby – Thank you for all you do. Wish this could be more
Ms. Karen Cottrell - In honor of Irv Berg
Ms. Dawna Csatari
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Janet Freeman Daily
Ms. Catalin Dohotaru
Ms. Nagmeh Dorrani – In honor of Shayesteh Dogmetchi
Mr. Michael Dufresne
Ms. Nancy Ensenat
Ms. Christina Fan – In honor of Irv Berg
Mr. J. Roland Fleck – In memory of my wife Dorothy Tewis Fleck; a total non-smoker; who died on October 03; 2012 of NSCLC (Adenocarcinoma) after a 7+ month courageous fight with this cruel disease
Mr. David Foley Ms. Jennifer Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Mary Ann Ford – In memory of Judith Hill
Mr. David Freedman – Donation made in memory of Jennifer Lee’s mother
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Kathleen Frei
Mr. John Garman
Mr. and Mrs. John and Patsy Gaunt – In memory of Judy Hill
Mr. Lewis German
Ms. Lynn Gibson – In honor of Cathy Lysne, Merry Christmas!!!
Ms. Joan Glass – This gift is in memory of Judy Hill. Her 7.5 years of living with lung cancer was an inspiration to all who knew and loved her.
Joan and David Glass
Ms. Marlene J. Gordon
Ms. Marcy Gorman
Mr. Alex Gouch – AR symposium in September was great; thank you
Mr. Eric Green
Mr. Morton Grosz
Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Brenda Grubbs – In memory of Judith Ann Hill. A wonderful person and cousin
Ms. Bette Gundersheim – Dearest Carol and family, We will certainly miss our friend and your beloved Husband. Thinking of all of during this time of loss. All our love-The Gundersheims
Ms. Carol Gutman – This donation is in honor of the 70th birthday of Mort Grosz
Ms. Susan Haerling – In honor of Judy Hill
Dr. Stephanie Harman – Keep up the great work
Ms. Colleen Hart-Carbone
Ms. Irene Harvey
Mr. Ruben Hernandez – In honor of Irv Berg
Ms. Louise Higgins – Thank you!
Mr. Richard Hill – In memory of Judy Hill
Mr. Rob Hill – Thanks for all that you do. Julie and Rob Hill (brother of Andy Hill)
Ms. Beth Hoffman
Ms. Ria Holdaway – Thank you for all you do!
Ms. Kathleen Houlihan
Mrs. Carol Jacobstein – In honor of Carol Gutman’s birthday
Mr. Michael Johannsen – In Memory of Doug Langan
Mr. and Mrs. George and Jackie Johnson
Ms. Susan Keats – In honor of Ms. Gutman
Mr. Chris Kellett – Gift In loving memory of our friend, Judy Hill. Your great kindness, humor and grace lives on in all of us.
Chris Kellett & Jay Kuhn
Ms. Simone Kenny
Ms. Carolyn Kersten – In honor of Linnea Duff with love——Carolyn
Ms. Tina Krahling - I find more useful information from Dr West than my own doctors. I love the new blogs on research
Mr. Raymond Kwan – In memory of Lily Situ, beloved wife and mother
Ms. Theresa Lambert – In memory of Marie Ernestine Lambert
Mr. Auenchai Landon
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick and Susan Lappin – Donated in honor of Carol Gutman birthday
Ms. Margot Larson – As a Stage 4 NSCLC patient; I am grateful to Cancer Grace for the great information available to patients
Mr. Dan Laubhan
Ms. Susan Leksander - In honor of Irv Berg
Mr. Rae Lewis – More thanks
Mr. John Liddicoat
Mr. Andrew Lindsay – Greetings from an EGFR survivor in Ipswich. Thanks to Linnea – what an inspiration!
Mr. Stefano Liotta – Thank you for all you guys are doing. Best, Stefano
Mr. Nam Jie Liu – Thank you for the good work
Mr. John Long
Mr. Ismail Lunat – Thank you, and keep up the good work. From Ishy, UK
Mr. Thomas Lynch - In honor of Linea Duff
Ms. Paula MacNeill – In memory of Stan Hanna
Mr. Arnaz Malhi – Remembering you always dad!!
Ms. Lois Maltese
Mr. Michael T. Martin
Ms. Mary Baker Maybee
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Ruth Mazzoni – In memory of our good friend, Judy Hill
Ms. Lorraine McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Peg Meder – This is specifically for ALK positive lung cancer research and the development of chemo to treat NSCLC ALK positive
Ms. Jamie Millican - In honor of Irv Berg, Love Aunt Jamie and Uncle Thomas
Mr. Thomas Morante - In honor of Barbara Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Betty Moss and Gordon – In memory of Judith Hill
Ms. Katherine Nash
Mr. Mickie Nichols – In memory of Stan Hanna of Bend Oregon
Mr. Thomas Norkunas
Mrs. Elizabeth Norton
Ms. Milena Novy-Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Karen Ogrodnik
Ms. Janice Orshan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Jane Orwick
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Michele Osborne
Mr. Kevin Pedigo - Keep up the great work!!
Mr. Matt Petersen
Mr. James Petri
Mr. Chris Pilliod – In memory of Judy Hill
Ms. Barbara and Neal Porter – In loving memory of Judy Hill
Mr. Gregory Principato – In memory of Barbara Murphy
Mr. Bob Radinsky
Ms. Tricia Reese – In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks for all you do!
Noriko I. Riggs – My heartfelt gratitude to the Swedish Cancer Institute and Grace for their gift of extended life. Dr. Jack West and staff are the best!
Mr. Marc Robbins
Ms. Anne Sagalyn
Mr. and Mrs. John and Jacklyn Schaedler – In memory of our very dearly loved Judy Hill
Mr. Neil Schiffman
Mr. Joseph Schneider
Ms. Libby Schwartz – Donation made to honor the memory of Stan Hanna, a wonderful man and special friend
Ms. Janet Seaman
Mr. Jerry Shih – Thank you GRACE and leadership of GRACE for what you do!
Ms. Nancy Sladicka
Ms. Jennifer Smith – Thank you so much for all you do!
Mr. Mark Smith – GRACE was very helpful to me after my wife`s BAC diagnosis. While in the end it was too late to help her; the site provided some level of comfort to me
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Bette Spray – In memory of Stan Hanna
Ms. Lee Stephens – In memory of Judith Hill
Ms. Alisa Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Gay Stevens
Mrs. Nancy J. Stewart
Ms. Jaclyn Sweis
Mr. Peter Taheny
Mr. Matt Tan – In memory of my aunt, Lyn Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Holly Telfer – In memory of Barb Murphy. This donation is to fund Dr. West in his noble cancer research
Mrs. Heather Thomas
Mr. Raymond Tobiaski – In memory of Elizabeth Ann Celebucki
Drs. Eric and Christine Vallieres and Lee – Congratulations Bernadine and Jack
Ms. Jan Antony Van Hummel
Mr. Ronald Vega
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Florence Vining – In memory of Judy Hill
Ms. Sue Wang
Mr. Wei Wang
Ms. Norma Ward – In memory of Judy Hill
Ms. Patricia Warren
Dr. and Mrs. Jared and Sara Weiss
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. and Carol West
Ms. Shelley Whiddon
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Jessica Wiederhorn
Mr. and Mrs. John and Kimberly Wilcox
Mr. Roger Yu
Ms. Melissa Zhao
Ms. Judith Zucker – Dear Carol – to many many more birthdays, Love Judy Z.


Corporate Supporters

Axis Medical Education
Astra Zeneca
Bonnie Addario Lung Cancer Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Clovis Oncology
Gravity Payments
Kidney Cancer Association
Medscape Oncology
Modus Create, Inc.
PeerView Institute


Individual Fundraisers

Barb’s Beer Foundation
The Overlake School – Coaches for Cancer Fundraiser – with individual donations from but not limited to the following individuals -

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. and Molly Melville Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Susan Horvat and Fine
Ms. Janis Nevler
Mr. and Mrs. William and Amy Riffle
Wolf Bay Law LLC 


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