Our Supporters 2015

PLATINUM ($10,000 and above)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Molly Melville Hill

GOLD ($5,000 – $9,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Alec and Maddy Connolly  -In memory of Susan Linda Suddock

SILVER ($1,000 – $4,999)
Ms. Margaret Baumann  -In honor of Sharon Fernandez
Ms. Carol Gutman  -Thank you for all of the info that you provide
Mrs. Elizabeth Haigis  -Husband, Barry, lost battle with lung cancer on November 22, 2014
Ms. Joan Hanson  -Thank you for your work!
Mr. Ben Holzemer  -In memory of John Holzemer
Mr. Paul Rosenberg
Mr. James Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Howard and Bernadine West

BRONZE (up to $999)
Mr. Eric Alexander  -Thank you, Dr. West!
Ms. Elsa Ayento-Wilkins
Ms. Cerys Bailey  -Thank you to Dr. West who was an amazing help earlier this year when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer
Mrs. Nancy Bailey  -Dr. West  -Thank you for answering my questions – LungCancer 1b – surgery and first CT – Clear
Mr. James Bao
Mr. Gregg Baumbaugh
Mr. Kurt Beattie
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Robbins and Ornah Becker
Ms. Lois Berch
Mr. Charles Blansett  -I appreciate your work!
Ms. Judith Bonner  -In memory of Gary Gilbert
Ms. Denise Brock
Mr. Jack Callahan  -I am happy to support this excellent patient resource
Ms. Christina Calvin
Ms. Tiffany Cargol  -In memory of Stephen Wayne McCoy
Mrs. Joyce Chan  
Mr. Lyle Chichester
Dr. Sally Church
Mr. Gary Clucas  -In memory of my wife, Valerie Clucas, and my father, Donald Clucas
Ms. Nancy Corby
Ms. Jackie Cox
Mr. Glen Cuniff
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Janet Freeman-Daily
Mr. and Mrs. D.R. and K.H. D’Ewart
Mr. and Mrs. John and Diane DeYoung  -In memory of Judy Hill
Ms. Laya Dogmetchi
Ms. Nagmeh Dorrani
Mr. and Mrs. John and Katherine Doyle  -In memory of Neil Berch
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Vicki Dragich
Mr. Ronald Eggert
Mr. Charles Eickmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Horvat and Susan Fine
Mr. Charlie Flannery
Mr. J. Roland Fleck  -In memory of my wife, Dorothy Fleck, who died from lung cancer on October 3, 2012. She fought a courageous battle against Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma and died with dignity and without fear
Ms. Eileen Foley  -Dr. West was there for me 9 years ago when I was first diagnosed with lung cancer and terrified. He has my utmost love and respect. I’m going to be 10 years out next July. Can you believe it? 10 years!!!
Mr. Robert Frasca  -Battling lung cancer now and I’ve already had some very helpful interaction with the doctors and the community. Thank you
Mr. and Mrs. John and Patsy Gaunt  -In memory of Judy Hill and Leroy R. Smith
Ms. Susan Gilbert  -In loving memory of my husband, Gary Gilbert. Thank you so much, Dr. West et al, for everything you do. It means so much to us!
Mr. Art Godi
Mr. Matthew Godoff  -In loving memory of Stephen Wayne McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Yu and Carole Goodson  -Thank you so much
Ms. Gale Gordon  -I am very grateful for the education you provide; I am a physician and patient
Ms. Marcy Gorman
Mr. David Gray
Mr. Morton Grosz
Mr. Babu Gupta
Ms. Stephanie Gurnett
Ms. Giti Hajizadeh
Mr. Carl Henningson  -Thanks a lot, Jack. You’re doing a great service for the community oncologists and our patients!!!
Ms. Barbara Hesse  -Thank you for all the info you have provided to me and so many others. It is invaluable!
Mr. Kenneth Hill  -In memory of Judy
Beth and Sanford Hoffman  -Thank you for all you do to educate us
Ms. Kathleen Houlihan
Mr. Monnix Jelinek
Mr. and Mrs. George and Jackie Johnson
Ms. Joann Lakin
Mr. Dan Laubhan
Mr. Benjamin Law  -For the past few years I have been learning a lot about lung cancer through Grace. Please keep up the good work! The quality of the information bar none is miles ahead of many other sites
Ms. Jennifer Lee  -In memory of my mother and grandmother
Drs. Eric Vallieres and Christine Lee  -Keep up the great work
Mr. Yong Li  -Please keep up the great work. Thanks!!!
Mr. John Liddicoat
Mr. Nam Jie Liu  -Thank you to Dr. West and everyone at Cancer Grace in advancing cancer patients education
Mr. John Long  -In memory of my sister, Linnea
Ms. Lois Maltese
Ms. Mary Baker Maybee
Ms. Sherry Mazzetti
Mrs. Martha McCoy  -In memory of Stephen W. McCoy. I found your website to be very helpful during his bout with lung cancer. I have sung your praises from everyone to friends to my oncologist. Very good website. I hope to donate more in the future. Keep up the good work; you are helping so many people
M. Merz  -Thank you for GRACE
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lisa Mitchell  -In memory of Gary Gilbert
Ms. Linda Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Sandy Nelson
Mr. William Hai Nguyen  -Thank you Dr. West, Dr. Weiss, JimC, Catdander, and all the staff working together at GRACE helping those of us who are deeply touched by cancer. Your hard work and services are truly a godsend!
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. and Lynn M. Noel
Mr. Thomas Norkunas
Mrs. Elizabeth Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Karen Ogrodnik
Mr. and Mrs. Wynn Sheade and Luna Okada
Mr. Jason Oliger
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Carole O’Neill
Mrs. Michele Osborne
Mr. Frederic Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. R. Steven and Julie Presley  -In memory of Stephen McCoy
Mr. Bob Radinsky
Ms. Barbara Saito
Ms. Amabelle Sandan  -In memory of my father, Ben Sandan
Ms. Deborah Santor  -I am profoundly grateful for the help I received from Dr. West when I was first diagnosed with BAC in 2012, and I am grateful that this resource is available if I need it. Thanks so much
Mr. and Mrs. John and Jacklyn Schaedler
Mr. Joseph Schneider
Ms. Teresa Schrul
Ms. Janet Seaman
Pat Shaw  -In loving memory of Judith Ann (Smith) Hill
Mr. Jerry Shih  -I so much appreciate the existence of GRACE and Dr. West’s tenacity, perseverance, and personal sacrifices. I just wish more people recognize that to receive, one has to give. Thank you for what this site provides and the wonderful people that made it possible!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Luke and Nancy Sladicka
Mrs. Carol Smalley  -In memory of Stan Hanna
Ms. Alisa Stephens
Mrs. Nancy J. Stewart
Mr. Matthew Tan  -In memory of my mom, Carolyn Chiu, and Aunty Lyn
Ms. Carolyn Tedino  -In honor of Gary Gilbert
Mr. Raymond Tobiaski
Mr. Nicos Tsilas
Mr. William Urban Jr.
Ms. Midori Uyeda  -In memory of Judy Hill
Ms. Jan Antony VanHummel
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Elyce Vogt  -In memory of Gary Gilbert
Mr. Steven Wacher  -This donation is in memory of my cousin, Dr. Neil Berch
Mr. Will Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Jared and Sara Weiss
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. and Carol West
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McLamb and Barbara Weyher  -In memory of Stephen W. McCoy
Ms. Roxanna White  -In honor of Steve McCoy. Cancergrace.org – Thanks for the information you provided to his wife, Martha McCoy, in their time of need
Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard and Gina Wiebe  -Thank you, Dr. West, and your team for GRACE and your time, knowledge and dedication to the patient. In memory of my brother who lost his lung cancer fight way too soon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. and Diane R. Williams
Ms. Katy Wilson  -In loving memory of Shirley Urban
Mr. Sean Winford
Mr. Neng Tze Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Perry and Janet C. Zevin  -In memory of Neil Berch


Individual Fundraisers

Barb’s Beer Foundation 
The Overlake School – Coaches for Cancer Fundraiser 

Corporate Supporters

PLATINUM ($50,000 and higher)
Boehringer Ingelheim USA Corporation
Bristol-Myers Squibb

GOLD ($30,000 – $49,999)
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Celgene Corporation

SILVER ($15,000 – $29,999)
Clovis Oncology
EMD Serono, Inc.
Foundation Medicine
PeerView Institute

BRONZE (up to $14,999)
Axis Medical Education
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Cullari Communications Group
Give with Liberty Campaign
Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball Association
Pfizer Oncology
Social Security Administration
The Brooks Group and Associates, Inc.
The Lockwood Group, LLC
Threshhold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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