Our Supporters 2013

Our Supporters 2013


Diamond Level ($5000 and higher)

Mr. Daniel Elkes, Elkes Foundation, As a startup for Pancreatic Cancer.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Judy Hill, In honor of both Lung CA Awareness month and the great job you’re doing with GRACE.


Emerald Level ($2500–$4999)

Mr. and Mrs. Alec and Maddy Connolly Brindle

Mr. Ruairidh Milne, In memory of Kirsty Milne.


Sapphire Level ($1000–$2499)

The Overlake School, For GRACE as the designated recipient for their Volleyball v. Cancer and Coaches for Cancer fundraisers.

Mr. Lonnie Chidester, Lung Cancer Connection, Inc., In memory of Myrtle Chidester.

Go West Health Care Consulting

Ms. Joan Hanason, Thank you to Dr. West and collegues for your most valuable website!

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. and Molly Melville Hill

Mr. Abraham Lee, In memory of my mother-in-law; whom God granted the strength to fight lung cancer for nearly 6 years. Also in memory of my wife’s grandmother.

Ms. Jennifer Lee, In memory of my wonderful mother. She courageously persevered in the face of lung cancer for nearly 6 years; including 5.5 years at stage 4. Also, in memory of my mother’s mother.

Mr. Matthew LePley

Mr. James Snyder

Dr. and Mrs. Jared and Sara Weiss


Platinum Level ($500–$999)

Ms. Lisa Levine, Thank you for doing what you do.

Mr. James Bao

Ms. Carlea Bauman

Mr. Gregory Bolton, This gift is offered in memory of our mother; Mildred R. Bolton.

Mr. Gary Clucas, In memory of Valerie Clucas and Donald Clucas.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Janet Freeman Daily

Mr. and Mrs. Julius and Carol Gutman

Mr. Daniel Laubhan

Mr. John Long, In Memory of My Sister Linnea who died in May 2013.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Katherine McCormick Family Foundation, In memory of Barbara Murphy.

Drs. Vivek and Sonya Mehta

Mr. Pritesh Shah

Mrs. Heather Thomas, In memory of John D. Thomas; Thank you Dr. West for everything!

Mrs. Carol Weaver

Hoi Sang Yeung, In honor of Cecilia Leung.

Mrs. Edwin C. Zimmermann


Gold Level ($250–$499)

Dermcare Direct

Mr. David Barish

Mr. Alex Gouch, Invaluable help in guiding us through trying experiences.

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Haigis

Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Sumi Almquist

Mr. and Mrs. George and Jan Bowen, In memory of Barb Murphy.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Marilyn Cataldo, Dr. West, thanking you for your care and sharing with us your insights/recommendations on Fran’s lung Cancer. We so appreciate it.

Ms. Laura Emerson Chandler, In memory of Barbara Murphy

Ms. Alberta Chew

Mr. Sander Flaum, In memory of Barbara Murphy, from Sander & Mechele Flaum

Mr. Monnix Jelinek

Mr. and Mrs. Gil and Nancy Krueger, In appreciation of the work done by GRACE.

Ms. Deborah Santor

Mr. and Mrs. John and Jacklyn Schaedler, For our dear friend Judy Hill, in the name of Jeff Jertberg at VanBerg Construction, Inc.

Ms. Leena Sheet, In loving memory of Chang Choi and in support of her daughter, Mina.

Mr. and Mrs. Luke and Nancy Sladicka

Ms. Melissa Zhao


Silver Level ($100–$249)

Mr. Kurt Beattie

Dr. Sally Church, PhD, Icarus Consultants, Inc.

Mrs. Gwynne Cleveland

Ms. Nagmeh Dorrani, In honor of Shayesteh and Laya Dogmetchi.

Ms. Denise Lim, I have learned so much about Lung Cancer on Grace. I really appreciate Drs who took their time to reply to all the users. Good luck to all those who is fighting the disease.

Nam Jie Liu, Thanks to GRACE for making this valuable service to cancer patients and caregivers in combating the misfortune of their lives.

Mr. William Wood, Please let Elise know we made this for her in honor your courageous battle. Love Keith.

Mr. Henry Brogonia, In honor of Ken Allen Chan.

Ms. Myriam Fortin, Thank you Dr. West, other doctors and GRACE users for your continued support during my sister’s sickness. Love to all, Myriam.

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan and Megen Karakelian Lavine, In memory of Shayesteh Dogmetchi.

Mr. Matt Tan, In honour and loving memory of my mom Carolyn.

Mr. John Liddicoat, Multiple donations given, also in the name of Gabrielle, Gillian and Julie in loving memory of their Aunt Cathy.

Mr. and Mrs. Holly and Vicente Garcia

Ms. Louise Zemlicka

Ms. Shalini Grover, Many Blessings to you and your site and to all who read and get helped by your beautiful podcasts and lectures! God Bless Shalini Kapoor.

Mr. and Mrs. William and Jane Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. Connie and Chuck Brock, Grateful for the work you all do and glad to see you able to hire an Exec Dir. Here’s to more progress in 2014.

Mr. William Buscher, EntryPoint Communications; LLC , We would like to express our condolences to the family of Barbara Murphy. Our thoughts and prayers are with them in this time. Everyone at FLOORgraphics; Inc./EntryPoint Communications; LLC.

Mrs. Joyce Chan, In memory of Ken Chan.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lisa Cisternino

Dr. Enser Cole

Ms. Nancy Corby, Thank you for being here for all of us.

Mr. and Mrs. D.R. and K.H. D’Ewart, Donation given as part of Overlake School fundraiser

Ms.Tami Eiford, Donation in memory of Barbara Murphy.

Ms. Naomi J. Wong Estrella, In memory of Ken Chan.

Mr. J. Roland Fleck, In memory of my wife Dorothy Fleck who fought so valiantly against Stage IV Lung Cancer with grace, determination and no fear. I miss her dearly and have a permanent hole in my heart from her loss.

Ms. Marlene J. Gordon

Ms. Stephanie Gurnett

Mr. Stanley J. Hanna

Ms. Colleen Hart-Carbone

Ms. Claudia Jeung

Ms. Hilda Joa, In Honor of Cecilia Leung.

Mr. and Mrs. George and Jackie Johnson

Ms. Martha Kearns, In memory of Barbara Murphy and in honor of her family’s love and devotion, Martha K. Jackson.

Ms. Lynn Kitano, In loving memory of Ken Chan.

Mr. David Knowles, This donation is given as an expression of thanks to the staff of the Hotel Vintage Park and Tulios Restaurant.

Ms. Susan Lam, In memory of Ken Allen Chan.

Mr. Matthew Lau , In Honor of Cecilia Leung.

Ms. Donna Meredith

Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Wenda Mullenbach, In loving memory for Ken Chan.

Dr. and Mrs. Neil Berch and Elizabeth Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Jane Orwick

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Michele Osborne

Mr.Bob Radinsky, In memory of my deeply loved and sadly missed wife Beth who battled lung cancer for slightly over one year. My Warrior Princess will be lover and remembered always.

Ms. Carolyn Saito, In memory of Ken Chan.

Ms. Janet Seaman

Mr. Jerry Shih, Thank you for GRACE site. Please keep up the good work!

Ms. Marianne Splitter, In memory of our friend; Barbara Murphy.

Ms. Alisa Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Christine Vallieres and Lee

Ms. Janet Walker, Donation made in memory of Agnes Jung. From Janet & Anthony Martin and family.

Ms. Sue Wang

Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard and Gina Wiebe, In memory of Ron Hovland on behalf of Richard, Gina and Brian Wiebe. You provide a wonderful service to families stricken with cancer.

Ms. Sharyn Yee

Ms. Jane Yuan


Supporter (under $100)

Ms. Irene Harvey

Ms. Kelly Aguirre, In memory of Ken Chan.

Ms. Carole Baker, In memory of Judith Baker.

Ms. Kathleen Clayton

Mr. Joseph Crowley, In honor of Barbara Murphy.

Mr. Allen Derman

Mr. James Donnelly, In memory of Barbara Murphy from Jeff Donnelly and Nancy Wolcott.

Mr. and Mrs. Rocque and Lisa Ern and Gervais

Mr. Gary Fong, In memory of Ken Chan a much beloved member of our community.

Fau Foundation, Inc., In Memory of Barbara Murphy, from the FAU family.

Ms. Ann Francisco, Dedicated to the memory of Ken Chan.

Koichi Fukuda

Ms. Heidi Goldstein, Thanks to Dr. West

Ms. Deana Hendrickson

Ms. Kathleen Houlihan, Thank you for all you do; Dr. West!

Ms. Peggy Kao, In memory of Cecilia Leung.

Ms. Marta Karamuz, In Memory of Agnes Jung.

Ms. Gail Lee, In memory of Ken Allen Chan.

Dr. Lorraine Lee

Mr. Stephen Lovell, In memory of Linnea Long.

Mr.Steven Moy

Ms. Edwina Ow, In memory of Kenneth Allen Chan.

Ms. Louise Picco-Branney, Keep up the good work. Most informative and sensitive website anywhere. Thank you Dr West for starting it.

Mr. Daniel Price

Puget Sound Energy Foundation, Employer match for Samuel Osborne.

Ms. Nancy Raabe

Ms. Tricia Reese, Annual gift supporting Lung Cancer Awareness Month and GRACE!

Mr. Juan Antonio Rodenas

Mr. Michelangelo Ruggiero, Many thanks for sharing information and hope.

Mr. Neil Schiffman

Ms. Marian Seiki, Joyce and Family, Di Golton and Family, Sorry about your loss. Ken leaves a beautiful, strong, supportive family, such a wonderful legacy. Stay strong and loving for all of you. Marian Seiki

Ms. Cynthia Sugawara, In memory of Ken Chan.

Mr. David Thomas

Ms. Janice Wong, In memory of Ken Chan.

Mr. Roger Yu, Goodson+Yu Design

Ms. Shirley Chang, In memory of Cecilia Leung.

Ms. Rebecca Gatwood

Ms. Giti Hajizadeh, Happy Birthday to beautiful Laya Dogmechi.

Zhang Luke

Mr. Kevin Pedigo

Mr. Mike Pruitt

Ms. Judy Sit, In memory of Ken Chan.

Mr. and Mrs. Don and Sharon Stoll

Mr. Srini Veerapaneni

Mr. Per Wijk, My loved mother was diagnosed with mucinous BAC. GRACE was the very best source for information I could find. Thank you for your work. Best regards, Pelle Wijk.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bing and Marsha Sin Yee Chin and Low, In memory of Ken Chan, from Steven Chin and Family.

Ms. Carol Crockett

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. and S.B. Eckberg, In memory of Ken Allen Chan.

Ms.. Chizu Iiyama, In honor of Ken Chan, a wonderful man with a welcoming smile and upbeat presence.

InCrowd Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. George and Doris Sasaki, In memory of Ken Chan.

Ms. April Shiro, In memory of Ken Chan.

Ms. Penny Wong

Ms. MIchelle Gill

Ms. Joann Hosey, In honor of Agnes Jung.

Ms. Virginia E. Mampre, In memory of Elizabeth Ann Mampre Celebucki

Ms. Diane Williams

Ms. Susan Brody

Mr. Steve Losi

Ms. Candace McGowan

Ms. Cynthia Corbin


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