Nodule concern


I’m a 40yr old female with a smoking history of 20+ years. I have chronic brown phlegm (for years) with little to no coughing. I had a chest X-ray in Sept 2016 that read:

On the frontal view at the left costophrenic angle there is a 6 x 8 millimeter nonspecific density projecting over the lateral aspect of the left hemidiaphragm. This could be related to the overlying rib but could also represent a pulmonary nodule.

Follow up CT a week later from a different povider ordered by my pulminologist that read stable nodules from 2014 no new nodules seen.

How do we manage a "mixed response" to lung cancer treatment?


Here's a brief video that explains my approach to a so-called "mixed response" to treatment for a lung cancer.  


There isn't a formal teaching or "best answer" about how to approach this issue, but what I explain here is a common and I think very sensible strategy for a still controversial clinical setting (if I do say so myself).  I'd welcome your comments.

I hope you find it helpful if you or someone you care about faces this situation.

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