Capitalizing on a "Teachable Moment": Lung Cancer Screening, Smoking Cessation, and Cost-Effectiveness


The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), a protocol with over 50,000 former or current smokers between ages 55 and 75, justifiably became a major news story when the results demonstrated a significant improvement in lung cancer-specific and all-cause mortality of 20% and 6.7%, respectively.

Can Smoking Cessation be a presenting symptom of lung cancer?


I missed part of the presentation of the SATURN survival data at the World Lung Conference to hear a very provocative presentation by my cross-town colleague, Dr. Barbara Campling. I know and respect Dr. Campling from her time at the Philadelphia VA, where she took excellent care of veterans with lung cancer for many years. At thoracic tumor board, she could always be counted on to ask about a lung cancer patient’s smoking and smoking cessation history.

Combating Nicotine Addiction with a Vaccine


Imagine that you're a longtime smoker who is well aware of the health risks of smoking, not only in terms of lung cancer but also other cancers, heart disease, and other illnesses. You want to quit smoking, and perhaps you've tried several times, even trying Chantix, the nicotine patch, and other techniques. But in the end, it's been hard to kick the pleasurable sensation of cigarettes. What if you could just remove that?

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