Old Forums are Back!!!

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Old Forums are Back!!!

Yahoo, Hurry, Outstanding!!!


Our forums from the old site are back and I'm really very happy to see them.  They're like old friends, no they are full of our old friends.  

To get them here we (Denise and Fuse) had to also send all our spam that was either deleted or filtered out.  So Jim and I will be going through and weeding out the archives of the spam.  

In the meantime, you should know that the first few threads are good but the next 30 some odd pages are spam so you'll need to get past those to get to the meat of the old forums.  

Thanks for allowing us to do what we needed (and need) to do to get the new site up and running. 


All the best,



This sounds like great news.

This sounds like great news. I can see a lot of promising information. Most of the threads I can see don't have any replies. Is there something that I should be doing to view a full thread?


JanineT Forum M...
Yes, the responses will

Yes, the responses will return :) ! (It still makes my heart jump and my face smile to have them on hand) The main focus to begin with is to delete the spam so that's as far as I've delved into the instructions from Denise.  But it's my impression that they will return as we go through and do whatever it is that we're doing.  I think we've got the bulk of it deleted so I'm about to get started on the good threads. 

Post the threads on this thread that you want to read and we'll work on them first. 

And if you aren't finding one that you're looking for from the old site let us know that too. 


Happy Dance (You'll see where that comes from ;) ),