worried i may have pancoast tumor

25 year old male, 8 year tobacco/marijuanna smoker, for the past couple months ive been having upper right back pain, behind my shoulder. The pain is very dull and achy almost like a muscle strain, not severe or sharp at all. im not using any pain medications and my pain tolorance isnt that high and i still sleep well. i rarely feel a faint tingle going down my right arm, it comes and goes but the upper back/scapula discomfort is always there in the spot that feels like my thorasic outlet. never severe but noticeable.

More Mixed Results

Well, my wife has been having some hip pain recently, so our oncologist wanted to do a CT scan sooner than would normally be done.

The good news - there doesn't seem to be anything going in the lungs, and the bone metastases areas seem unchanged.  Our guess is that the hip pain is more related to nerve side effect problems (the neuropathy from the Kadcyla is slowly getting worse) and not cancer.  My wife thinks this is likely since the pain is sporadic (not constant as it was when there was cancer there) and treatable with motrin.

Kadcyla Working!

My wife got her first CT scan back from the Kadcyla treatment.  Classified as stable overall!!  The lung remains the same - seems to be just small fragmented lesions at this point with nothing new or growing.  No new metasteses, and the liver is stable overall, everything looks about the same - one lesion decreased in size, one increrased a bit, but they think that might be due to the angle of the scan.

So, on with more Kadcyla treatments!!

A Non-Cancer Note of Joy

Well, the first CT scan with Kadcyla is still a month or more away, so ne news there.

My wife is feeling great, so we are hoping the next CT will be good news.

But, I did want to share with everyone at GRACE some other good news - our joy in announcing our first grandchild.  As the saying goes, Mother and Father and Child are doing fine.

Since my wife's diagnosis we have shared many joyous moments, including our daughter's wedding and now our daughter's first child.

Mixed Results


Once more we are where we were a couple of years ago.  The CT scan came back with mixed results.  The lung, head, and bones show no change, but the liver results are mixed.

Some liver lesions are the same or slightly decreased in size, while others have grown, with an increase in small new tumors surrounding them.  The oncologist is deciding the options and talking to the clinical trial oncologist we have worked with.  Clearly seeing the effect of mutation right before our eyes.

Another Good CT Scan!

Hurray!  We just got the latest CT scan back.  Since my wife was feeling well her oncologist had said to go ahead and wait an additional month before the scan, so this one has been almost 3 months after the last one.

And....the tumor has decreased evenmore!  Yeah Abraxane!

The lung tumor (already much smaller) reduced by about 10%, and the main liver tumor went down by about 20-30%.  The main liver lesion is the smallest it has been in a year.

What a wonderful news for the first day of spring!


About four months ago I started having pain in my neck shoulder and upper arm on the left side. Had a cervical, shoulder and upper arm MRI which showed bulging desk on the right at C7. My pain has not been constant until today. Now my collarbone, shoulder and arm hurt. Only my collarbone is Hurting without relief. I’m wondering if this can be Pancoast tumor

Cards 7up! Congratulations!

cards7up posted a thread over on inspire today “5 Years Ago Today”

that tells her remarkable story of 5 year survival after a relapse of NSCLC.

I thought the GRACE community could also celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable contributions cards7up makes to help other people who are facing similarly difficult situations.


3 Cheers for cards7up!